When will the media learn

Once again the media is in trouble for altering photos. Here is an article from the New York Post exposing the amazing weight loss of Katie Couric in this photo.

How many times do they have to get in trouble for doing this before they realize that falsifying photos to deceive is wrong…and they’ll get caught!?!?!?

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Well said!!

Rumsfeld, like him or hate him, knows what he is talking about.

From the AP today: Rumsfeld Warns Against Appeasement

Speaking to several thousand veterans at the American Legion's national convention, Rumsfeld said that as fascism and Nazism took hold in Europe, those who warned of a coming crisis were ridiculed or ignored. He quoted Winston Churchill as observing that trying to accommodate Hitler was "a bit like feeding a crocodile, hoping it would eat you last."

"I recount this history because once again we face similar challenges in efforts to confront the rising threat of a new type of fascism," he said.

"Can we truly afford to believe that somehow, some way, vicious extremists can be appeased?" he asked.

"Can we truly afford to return to the destructive view that America — not the enemy — is the real source of the world's troubles?"

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Saddam & the Devil


I hope it’s true!!!

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So what have you done?

With all the media hype of the one year anniversary of Katrina I thought this comic was perfect.

Louisiana failed to help its people. New Orleans failed to help its people. Mayor Nagin failed to help his people.

Yet the people of Louisiana and the news media find comfort in blaming those farthest removed from the ability to help.

Where is the outcry that Mayor Nagin didn’t call for a mandatory evacuation? Where is the outcry that Mayor Nagin failed to utilize the busses at his disposal to remove people from the city? Where is the outrage that Governor Blanco didn’t request federal assistance for days and admitted it in an on camera flub all while blaming the Bush administration for not helping?

I’m truly saddened that New Orleans is still in ruin but when you elect Democrats that only know how to blame others for their suffering, expect others to do things for them, and gloat that things aren’t progressing as quickly as they should, you got what you deserve.

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Is it time?

Maybe the Iranian President is right (link). Maybe President Bush should invite President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the floor of the UN and the two should go toe-to-toe in front of the Security Council.

No mediators.

Just two leaders defending their position on Iranian uranium enrichment and what it means to the region. Then we let the UN Security Council vote again.

Ahmadinejad does not stand a chance of winning. He has made it very clear that he wants to wipe “Israel off the map” and has a deep hatred of the US. Other than that what other argument could he have for the enrichment of uranium?

The US must continue to take a stand against those that only wish to do harm.

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Dumbest quote of the week

"Our objective is clear, to disarm Hezbollah," French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy said, but added that military force was not the answer. "The only solution is to have a political solution."

Mr. Douste-Blazy, when was the last time a terrorist faction or any enemy disarmed due to political or diplomatic pressure? What should I expect from the French!

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Well Donovan Riley is out of the race…sort of. Acording to this JSOnline article by Spivak & Bice (link here) Donovan Riley’s attorney issued a statement that Donovan would be pulling out of the race. Unfortunately Donovan Riley’s website hasn’t been updated recently. Since this withdrawal is coming so late, Donovan’s name will still appear on the ballot in the September primary.

Yesterday this item (link) appeared on www.wheelerreport.com. State Senator Carpenter (D), State Representative Sinicki (D), and Zepnick (D) all asked for Donovan to pull out of the race but I still want to point out that the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Joe Wineke STILL HAS NOT condemned Donovan or what he did!!!

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The news from Prague is not good for PLUTO!!!

Not Him!?!?!

This one!!!

It looks like the International Astronomical Union has declared Pluto not to be a planet. Pluto will get the new classification of “dwarf planet.”

For more information check out this AP article: Astronomers say Pluto is not a planet

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Ross is Still Lying!!

In a press release put out today by the Ross for Secretary of State, this lying Democrat (two words that fit together so perfectly) is trying to smear a respectable candidate for the Governorship.

Ross states the following: "Mark Green and Republican legislators are trying to keep people who earn less than $35,000 from voting,” once again lying to make people scared. This comes on the heels of a press release from Mark Green’s campaign which lays out his support for voter ID. (Release here)

Ross continues his smear of Green by stating: "Mark Green's voter ID bill is nothing more than a modern-day poll tax." He cites the Georgia case where Harold L. Murphy, U.S. District Judge in Georgia ruled that Georgia’s Voter ID law, which required all residents to obtaining a special digital identification card, which costs $20 for five years, was unconstitutional and likened the law to a Jim Crow-era poll tax. The Green plan includes “funding to cover the cost of a $9 state identification card for those eligible voters who are unable to afford this cost” there is no poll tax here!

The Green plan can be found here.

Ross continues his lies by stating that “Republican voter suppression is a longtime nemesis of the Democratic process” and that “the only thing that concerns me more is any eligible voter being denied his or her Constitutional right to vote." Yet we have not seen or heard Ross’s thoughts on Donovan Riley!!

The truth is the Republicans are not trying to suppress voters we are trying to enforce the law to protect each persons vote. We consider double voting, felons voting, and voting after polls close to be tactics used by Democrats to cancel out someone else’s Constitutional right to vote and is wrong.

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How well do you know your Geography?

With all the news about the Israel, the Middle East, and Muslim Countries when a friend sent this link to me I thought it was best to have everyone see how well they know their geography!

I in no way endorse or support the organization that supports this puzzle but it is unique enough for me to share:


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What it says versus what it should say

Doyle’s campaign released a statement today about President Clinton’s visit on October 24th.

“President Clinton is an extraordinary leader, a great American, and a champion for middle class and working families,” said Governor Doyle. “I am honored to have his support, and delighted that he is coming to our great state. His visit will be an exciting day for Wisconsin and for my campaign.”

What is should have read:

“President Clinton is an extraordinary leader when it comes to showing how one should seduce young impressionable interns, a great American that gives our missile secrets to the Chinese, bombs civilian targets (aspirin factories), and ignores terrorist attacks on Americans (embassy bombings, Trade Center bombing, USS Cole bombing, etc.) and a champion for middle class and working families by telling them that the government can spend their money better than they can,” said Governor Dolittle. “I am honored to have the support of someone who cares as little for Wisconsin as I do, and delighted that he is coming to our great (Indian casino) state. His visit will be an exciting day for me and for my campaign since he has a check from a few of his foreign monk friends.”

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In today’s Journal Sentinel there is the following editorial: A vital link in the region

Once again this mentality has my blood boiling!

Here are the reasons why they feel we need the METRA extended to Milwaukee:

  • We're part of Chicago
  • There is a Metra stop in Kenosha now
  • Some Illinois folks are even buying condos in downtown Milwaukee
  • A rail link could create economic development opportunities
  • Kenosha shows how a rail link can help spur growth
  • Could help reduced traffic congestion on I-94

I’ll take these points one at a time.

“We’re part of Chicago” is the worst reason to fight for a METRA line I have ever heard. Yes, there are a lot of people from Illinois moving to Wisconsin but as they move here why are we encouraging them to continue to work and play in Chicago. Wouldn’t it make more economic sense for Wisconsin to encourage businesses to move north across the border than for us to continually send our work force south of the border?

To further illustrate this point of our workforce heading south if we take a look at recent Census data we find that the daytime population change in most of the communities with a METRA station to be negative: Kenosha losses 8.9% of their population; Winthrop Harbor -41.6%; Zion -22.1%; Waukegan -5.3%; Glencoe -3.5%; Winnetka -0.9%; Wilmette -13.2%. The populations are headed to Chicago, which sees a daytime population increase of 4.9%, and the Naval Base, which sees a daytime increase of 30.3%. Where do you think people in Racine, Caledonia, Oak Creek, Bay View, etc. are going to go?

“There is a METRA stop in Kenosha now.” Yes there is, but there is also an Amtrak stop in Kenosha, Sturtevant, and Milwaukee. So what is your point? If this discussion was about brining economic development to the community by way of jobs and additional businesses we might be on to something but the facts are far from it. METRA is not a net positive gain to the community. Has METRA brought in the businesses or has proper planning and development of Kenosha done that?

“Some Illinois folks are even buying condos in downtown Milwaukee.” People from Illinois have been buying property in Wisconsin for decades now. Head out to Lake Geneva and take a look at who owns most of the city! Should we extend the METRA service out there too? These folks have chosen to live here so why would we try to convince them that it is better to work in Illinois? Should we not be trying to encourage their business to move here as well? Think of the boom Milwaukee and the surrounding communities could have if we spent our vital resources on trying to find a way to move businesses here instead of trying to make it easier for employees to commute south!

“A rail link could create economic development opportunities.” Well let’s take a look at a true test of this: Amtrak. Has there been economic development in areas where Amtrak has stations? Sometimes there has and sometimes there hasn’t been growth. I think Milwaukee is fooling themselves and the surrounding communities by dangling this carrot out there. Yes there is a potential for development but the development is not directly tied to the METRA just as there is no direct tie to Amtrak.

“Kenosha shows how a rail link can help spur growth.” Really and how is that? Kenosha has had the METRA line for a very long time. In fact the METRA line was there when Chrysler went out of business. The METRA was there when, to be very blunt, Kenosha was nothing but a dried up old factory town. So how can one say the METRA was the key factor in spurring growth? I could just as well say that the METRA line was the reason for Kenosha being what it once was. Kenosha’s redevelopment is due in large part to the people of Kenosha and their elected officials who saw that there lake front was a place that people would like to live, work, and play. They are working hard to create this environment and I feel that giving credit to the METRA for this growth is misplaced.

“Could help reduced traffic congestion on I-94.” You bet! Just look at how well the trains system has helped Chicago! This is a non-starter. You will be hard pressed to prove that there would be any significant reduction in traffic on I-94. Based on current projected estimates of rider-ship none of us will notice any difference in traffic.

Now there are a couple of issues that the JS editorial staff did not deal with.

  1. There already is a commuter rail system that connects Milwaukee and Chicago...it’s called Amtrak. Amtrak has a number of stops between these two large cities and has done little to increase economic development. But it continues to bleed the taxpayers of our hard earned money.
  2. Stemming from my first point the “new” METRA line would come into Milwaukee and end at the Amtrak station! So what would the benefit be to Milwaukee? Amtrak currently isn’t running anywhere near 100% capacity so why would we want an additional train coming into Milwaukee? The proponents point out that METRA is cheaper! So once again we need a little common sense…if METRA and Amtrak are both doing the same thing and the costs are about the same but METRA is cheaper; THAN THAT MEANS IT WILL COST THE TAXPAYERS MORE TO RUN!!!!!

The Journal Sentinel editorial staff missed the mark on commuter rail but I am afraid that many people including our elected officials think this is a good idea. Do us all a favor call your elected officials, tell them that we have a commuter rail system that is bleeding us dry, and that we do not need another.

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Great Video from the RNC

If the Democrats want to argue US security they are going to have a hell of a fight…what are they going to do talk about their record?

Click Picture for video:

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Don’t we feel proud of DPI?

"Still, Education Secretary Margaret Spellings said she was encouraged. "Many states took this very seriously, recognizing that good teachers make all the difference in whether or not our children succeed in their studies," she said in a statement."

"Four states failed altogether: Hawaii, Missouri, Utah and Wisconsin. They must submit new plans and undergo monthly auditing of their teacher quality data, the department says."

Here is what was submitted and the response to the plan…Definitely READ the response and notes!!

The DPI cover letter

The DPI Equity Plan

The US Department of Education’s Cover Letter

The Reviewers Notes for the DPI Plan

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Still waiting…

DONOVAN RILEY - potential felon

Over the weekend Spivack and Bice broke the news that a Donovan Riley, Democratic candidate for the State Senate, had voted twice in the 2000 Presidential election (article here) once here in Wisconsin and once in Illinois. Hmm, I wonder who he voted for.

Today is Wednesday August 16, 2006 and here is what State Democratic Chair Joe “anything to win” Wineke had to say:


That’s right ladies and gentleman, NOTHING!

There has been a lot of talk from the Left about getting tough on vote fraud but Doyle has vetoed every attempt to strengthen our elections and when faced with proof that one of their own has committed this felony they do not even call for him to step aside.

JOE IT IS TIME TO SHOW SOME LEADERSHIP AND DISTANCE YOUR PARTY FROM THIS GUY…if not then the Democratic Party must condone this behavior and that will be good for the conservative agenda.

We’re waiting Joe…and waiting and waiting and waiting…


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Hillary = Osama???


John Spencer is a Republican vying for the US Senate seat currently held by Hillary “I want to be President” Clinton.

While I truly despise Hillary and here ideas I’m not sure that trying to link her to Osama is a good move for Spencer but I’ll let you decide.

Here is his ad:

Spencer for Senate

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The Appleton Post Crescent Just Doesn’t Get It!

In today’s Post Crescent there is an editorial that believes that the “back to school tax holiday” that Mark Green called for is nothing but “an election-year mirage.”

They had the courage, as foolish as it was, to state the following:

“The reality is that the benefit any family sees isn't nearly worth the dent in the state's wallet.”

Hmm, sounds to me like they are saying that the State knows how to spend our money better than we do and that our pain is less important than that of the State!!

Green has the right idea. A tax holiday may make it harder on our politicians but it is better than making it harder on us.


Oh and by the way here is Mark Green’s 1st TV ad!!

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I’m all for Freedom of the Press but…

Was this headline and article necessary?

X-rays won't detect liquid or gel bombs

In the time of war it is not the best idea to advertise where you are weakest!!

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I saw this headline on Yahoo a little while ago:

U.S., France agree on Mideast resolution

Last I looked we (US and France) weren’t the ones fighting there, it’s Israel and Hezbollah. So who cares that the US and France agree on a Mid-east Resolution? Shouldn’t the resolution be between Israel and Hezbollah? And what about that last sentence:

The two sides sent the new text to the governments of Israel and Lebanon, but a French diplomat said the vote would go ahead whatever the response.

If the countries don’t agree isn’t the resolution worthless?

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Scot Ross crosses a line.

I’m sure that I am just giving Scot the advertisement that he was looking for but I just can’t hold my tongue.

Scot is a Democrat that is running for Secretary of State (Wisconsin) and yesterday he put out a “report” about same day registration. The “report” is nothing more than a recap of how many people registered on Election Day in each municipality.

In this so called “report” he claims the following:

“The Republicans want to keep people who earn less than $35,000 from voting,” said Ross. “They will go to any lengths to win elections.”

His only proof of this is that last year the Republican lead legislature tried to pass Assembly Bill 782 which would have eliminated same day registration and brought us on par with the rest of the country. This claim is nothing but a blatant LIE and meant to MISLEAD the people of Wisconsin.

He further insults every Wisconsinite by stating that pre-registration would have caused 435,000 not to vote…the insinuation here is that we are not smart enough to figure out how to register 14 days in advance of an election.

Scot do you really think that Wisconsinites are dumber than 44 other states?

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Hey, hey, hey, GOOD BYE!!!"

Losing by over 11,000 votes (59% to 41%) Cynthia McKinney has lost her House seat to Attorney Hank Johnson.

Way to go Hank…Let’s see if you can do a better job representing GA than your predecessor!

AP Article

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A Lieberman loss would be a GOP gain

I’ve spent quite a bit of time considering the Lieberman primary (which is taking place today) and what impact it would have on the Democratic party, then it dawned on me this his loss would help the GOP!

Lieberman, who has a record of voting for most (90%) Democrat bills, is for the most part a “centrist” when it comes to foreign affairs. Lieberman speaks what he believes and votes the same way, in this manner he is a very respectable politician.

While he votes for most liberal legislation he has parted company with the Democrats when it has come to the war in Iraq and the handling of the Middle East. On these topics he sides closer, but not with, the President. For this reason the Democrats found someone to run against him and it looks like Lieberman might loose his seat.

For the Democrats this will be a victory. They will have removed a “conservative democrat” and replaced him with a liberal one. This should solidify the anti-war base and move the voting record in this district to 100%. The thought is that a true democrat is better for the party and will propel the democrats to power. But is this reality?

Most of America is slightly right of center. While there has been an erosion of this core to one side or the other it is well known in politics that you win elections by winning the center. The Lieberman primary will shift the Democratic Party farther left if he looses. This will alienate much of the center, maybe not in that district but in the rest of America.

If the Democratic Party is hell bent on moving farther to the left then by all means I support them. Their movement will make it harder for them to win the precious center and will mean less control for them and greater control for the GOP.

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I know that this posting will be hypocritical but just enjoy the irony.

WHY is the media giving Cindy Sheehan any air time?!?! She is just nuts, crazy, bonkers, a few quarts low, wacko, and just plain DUMB!!!!!

"My name is Cindy and Bush killed my son." Cindy Sheehan

Um, someone should tell Cindy that the people that killed her son are the same ones she is trying to protect by having us withdraw from Iraq before the job is done!

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Minimum Wage and Tax Cuts

While I dislike the concept of a federally imposed minimum wage it is something that exists and therefore must be looked after. The Republicans have now come up with a win-win solution for America but not for the Democratic Party.

Senator Frist has moved to attach the minimum wage increase of over $2.00 to a bill that would extend tax cuts! This is a brilliant move on the part of Frist and the Senate Republicans.

The three bills that this encompasses includes: an increase to the federal minimum wage of $2.10 over the next 3 years, elimination of the estate tax for estates up to $10,000,000 and a reduction of the estate tax from 46% to 30% by 2015, and would reinstate the tax cuts that expired last year.

The Democrats are crying foul!! They believe that the minimum wage bill has been attached to a “poison pill” and will surely fail.

But therein lies the rub…would any upstanding Democrat vote against a minimum wage increase when it is attached a bill that would reinstate tax deductions for college tuition, state taxes, and classroom supplies purchased by teachers?

Frist has a winner. If a Democrat votes against these bills not only have they voted against the “top 1%” but they have also voted against the working class that needs the deductions for tuition and supplies. The Republicans have an opportunity to turn this one vote into a campaign promise for this election season and a sure way to unseat any Democrat that votes nay.

AP Article: Frist links wage hike to estate tax cut

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Senate and Offshore Drilling

I read this news article this morning and was glad to hear that our legislators are moving in the right direction for a change.

If we start drilling for oil and are able to draw a significant amount from them we could see the price per barrel begin to decrease.

However the real concern and the biggest item that have gas prices so high is capacity. Capacity is the amount of space a refiner has to convert crude oil into other products, most importantly gas!

Unfortunately most refineries are working well beyond their capacity and are in need of expansion. If they are unable to expand their ability to convert crude to gas then we will continue to see gas prices at high levels.

Economics tells us the best way to lower prices is to increase supply…but if there is a constraint to the flow of the supply the prices will remain high until the flow can be increased.

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Mark Green’s Webmercial!

This is well worth the time.

Wisconsin will be great again!

Click the picture for the webmercial:

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