Name that Country

Here I thought that last week’s country was going to be hard…starting to wonder how you guys are coming about your information.  Anna830 once again hits the mark with her insightful information on the little country of Liechtenstein.

This week I give it a 3 out of 10…Good Luck!

PLEASE DO NOT POST THE info or a hint that proves you know it...there are others playing!!!

 THANK YOU – gopfolk

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Name that Place

Well another week and another carry over…

CU got the prior weeks place…Cliffside Park.

Here is a hint: 

And here is the place again:

If you thought that was hard Name this Place:

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A study that will go ZERO play in the MSM

ScienceDaily: Universal Health Insurance Might Not Save Lives

Funny part about it is that Richard Kronick, a former health care adviser to President Clinton, admits that the previous numbers that stated about 18,000 lives would be saved is “too optimistic.”

“the evidence we have concerning the relationship between lack of insurance and mortality is not very good, and a reasonable reading of that evidence is that the number of deaths in the United States probably wouldn’t change a lot if everybody gets health insurance. (emphasis mine.)

Do you think this will appear in any major news source?

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From the weird

FOXNews: Pregnant Woman Hit by Car While Fleeing From Bear

The headline itself isn’t the weird part you have to read the story to get that.

It seems that the bear did not chase the woman only followed her…the DNR caught the bear (tranquilized it)…the woman ID’d the bear (“Yep, officer.  That is the bear that followed me out of the woods”)…and then the bear was euthanized.

The woman felt so bad that she has decided to give her unborn child the middle name “Bear” because she feels guilty.

I’m sorry but that is just strange!!!!


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Graber interview on Wisconsin Eye

If you have not seen the Wisconsin Eye interview yet, get out there and watch: Link

Rick Graber, when asked if he is going to run for governor states “I can’t imagine a scenario where that would occur and it’s getting late” (around 16:00)

Discusses Walker (around 16:58) and Neumann (around 17:30) running for governor

Loves our Congressman Paul Ryan…has very high praise for him a number of times!

Comments on Palin around 21:50 -- “Energized the base but nothing more”

Rick is a great guy and I’m glad to see that he is back in Wisconsin.  I look forward to his involvement in Wisconsin politics once again.

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Name that Country

Well we had a guest host for this last week and we did “Name that Island.”  I know that a few of you think it was hard but with the hints it was pretty much a slam dunk!  

It looks like mkfolks gets the prize for getting the island and for being sneaky with her “hint”…”Not the Panama one, huh?? that would be a reference to the Panama Canal…the island in question was Guadalcanal…get it?!?  I know a stretch but I deal with this every week!

Again I would like to thank trainhead for his contribution and hope that you all enjoyed the break from my usual non-sense.  I would like to encourage anyone that has an idea to drop me a note and I’ll see what I can do!

Now on with the show…This week’s country…9 out of 10…Good luck!


PLEASE DO NOT POST THE info or a hint that proves you know it...there are others playing!!!

 THANK YOU – gopfolk

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Geocachers point out a flaw…

Yes ladies and gentleman, I am a geocacher.  My wife and I have participated in geocaching since 2002 and love it.  It is a great adventure no mater where in the world you go…and we have cached all over the world and plan to continue to do so even while our caching at home has slowed to nothing.

But I digress.  Go to to find out more about the “sport.”

According to local geocachers the famed “4 corners” (where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona come together) is not where the 4 corners monument is located!!  In fact it appears to be off by about 2.5 miles!!!

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Name that Place

Well no one has guessed last week’s place – I’m surprised!  It is really easy…but I’ll give a hint…it is East of the Interstate.  Here is the picture again:

This week’s is a little harder…so good luck!

Name this Place:

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AG Van Hollen responds to “Open Carry”

It is true that the State Attorney General has responded to the Open Carry issue here in Wisconsin.

For those of you that are unsure as to what I mean…Wisconsin is one of only 2 states that does not allow the carrying of a concealed firearm so many pro-gun citizens have argued that if concealed is not permissible than the right to carry one openly can not be in question.  

A few citizens that have tried to carry openly were cited for Disorderly Conduct this Advisory Memorandum for the AG should clear up many of these issues and law abiding citizens will not have their rights infringed.

The Department believes that mere open carry of a firearm, absent additional facts and circumstances, should not result in a disorderly conduct charge.

But this leads me to question the ordinance in the City of Racine and if it is still valid.

Racine municipal code Sec. 66-58 Possessing dangerous weapon states as follows:

Unless otherwise provided by law, no person, except a bona fide peace officer, shall be found at or upon any public place in the city carrying or having within his reach any dangerous weapon, whether concealed or in plain view. "Plain view" within the meaning of this section does not include weapons carried in a case which does not permit immediate access to such weapons.

Does the Advisory Memo constitute something “provided by law”?

The municipal code continues in Sec.66-60 Display of firearms as follows:

No person shall display a firearm in or upon any public place or in or upon any private premises without the permission of the owner. For purposes of this section, display shall mean the exhibition, showing or placing in the view of other persons and shall include displaying the entire firearm or any portion thereof. Display shall not include firearms carried in a case. This section does not apply to peace officers or armed forces or military personnel who go armed in the line of duty or to any person duly authorized by the chief of police to display firearms.

So while the AG of the state makes it very clear that I can strap my .38 to my hip and walk down the street…the current municipal code in Racine clearly states otherwise…I guess the questions is…would I be cited in Racine?  


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I’m no politician…

…but even I know that this just looks bad:

Yesterday I twittered about 3 places that Obama could have simply let stay the same as last year and would have reduced his budget by $2.2 billion!!  That is still small but it's better than his proposal.

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Name that County…well sort of…

Last weeks country was pretty easy due to the shape.  My wife even got it quicker than normal so I know that it must have been easy! ;^)

For those of you that did not get it and was not helped by trainhead’s clues the country was Western Sahara!

I received an email from trainhead that stated “Since I've been hogging the 'Name that Country' scene, I thought I would make a small contribution.  And since this means less work for me I thought that I would post his selection.  For the record trainhead, I’m here to tell you that your clues have been terrific!  I hope that you will continue to post and thank you for this weeks offering.

Name that Country (or, make it Name that Island)

Hint:  It's an island. Politically, it is a province of a larger group of islands.  Many years ago, it was historically significant! Really! (there is more but I’ll save it for a little while)


  • This is 1 in a 1,000 (approximately.)
  • Makes up 23% of the total counties landmass
  • The British didn’t change the name but did change the spelling of the island
  • Site of the 1st US amphibious landing in WWII

Personally I’ll give this a 4 out of 10.

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In Case You Missed It...

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Good for the Judge!!

Sometimes we in society just let people get away with things that they should not.

Well a Pennsylvania Judge told a man that he would have to pay the $214 that he stole rather then go to jail…which is what the man really wanted.  Story here

Now I know that we all fall on tough times once in a while but that does not mean you get to skate when you break the law!  The judge said that even if he threw the guy in jail the money would still have to be paid so…

I’m glad that the judge was conscious of the cost to the taxpayer…it would cost a whole lot more to through him in jail for a few days for the $214 debt.

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Name that Place

mkfolks nailed it right away!  It was the Southern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery.

 Name This Place:  

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April 13…Tax Freedom Day 2009

Well here we are, 103 days into the “new year” and we are finally working for our selves!

Since January 1st we have been working for the government.  All of our earnings up until this point have gone to pay taxes.

Now I know that some out there will say that “we are doing better than last year”…(2009 Tax Freedom Day = 4/13…2008 Tax Freedom Day = 4/21) but the Tax Foundation points out in their annual report why this is…biggest reason is that the recession has reduced tax collections faster than it has reduced incomes.

We in Wisconsin are seeing this same effect…increase in unemployment rates and the recession has moved Wisconsin’s Tax Freedom Day (TFD) to 4/13 (from 4/21) but our tax burden has moved us up the rank for TFD to #12 (from #14.)

For more information on Tax Freedom Day please visit this link.

For more on the Tax Foundation


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Name that Country

Well done trainhead…but while you and I (and many Irish) will disagree as to whether or not Northern Ireland is a separate country based on the relationship with England…most in the area will say that they are their own country!


This week I think we get a little easy…3 out of 10.


PLEASE DO NOT POST THE info or a hint that proves you know it...there are others playing!!!


THANK YOU – gopfolk


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Business says “No thanks.” City says “Screw the tax payers!!”

For those of you that are unaware (you would have to be living under a rock!) just South of us in Gurnee there is an amusement park, Six Flags, that in the past has needed workers from as far away as Racine.  To accommodate those Racine workers Six Flags provided a bus that would pick them up here in the county and drive them down and back for their shifts.


Well due to the economy being what it is, as well as a number of other financial reasons, Six Flags said that they did not need the workers from Racine that bad and decided to not have a bus doing that trip.


So what does that mean to those people that decide that they want to work at Six Flags?  Well just like the rest of the world that means you are going to have to find a way to either; get to your job (some 30+ miles away), find a place closer to your job (kind of difficult if you’re a minor), or find a job closer to home.


But wait!!!


You the tax payer can help!!!  The city is going to discuss spending $28,000 (as a block grant) to pay for part of the cost of transporting people from Racine to Gurnee.  See JT story here.


Now I know some of you are looking at this post and thinking what a cold hearted bastard I am especially because…”the people riding the bus will have to pay $15 a week for the transportation!”  That is not good enough!!


I’m tired of our society saying half is good enough and the “community” (read “Taxpayer”) will take care of the rest!  That is the same nonsense that is causing all of these people to gush over KRM!!!


If the cost of transporting people from Racine to Gurnee is $46,000 as the article says and the business is not willing to pick up the cost, then the employees that wish to use the transport should pay the full cost…about $48 per week!!!


If we are going to head down that road of half is good enough…well then I guess I’ll start sending in may gas receipts to the “community” and wait for you to pay for my travel as well.

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Name that Place

See I told you last week’s place was pretty easy!  Jean got it right a way…Mt Pleasant Lutheran Church.


Here it is using Google Street View:


View Larger Map


 Name this Place:


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VOTE Tomorrow!!!

Lets not forget that tomorrow there is a very important election…these people have more of an impact on your day-to-day life than any national candidate!!!





Here is who I will be casting my ballot for in tomorrow’s Spring Election:


State Superintendent of Instruction


Rose Fernandez –


Justice of the Supreme Court


Judge Randy Koschnick -


**** Caledonia Village Trustee #1 ****


This will look like an uncontested race but there is a write in candidate so…


Kathy Burton –


Caledonia Village Trustee #5


Curt Woodward -


Racine Unified School District Board


John Leiber –



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Beware...Profanity below!

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Funnies...I'd laugh if they weren't true!

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Name that Country

Every now and then we get a guest that comes on to the scene and nails it which is what occurred last week…Anna830 got the right country…it was El Salvador!!


This week isn’t as hard as it looks 6 out of 10.


PLEASE DO NOT POST THE info or a hint that proves you know it...there are others playing!!!


THANK YOU – gopfolk

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