Religion of Peace?!?!

Ask yourself this question:

If a teacher in the US were to have her students name a teddy bear Jesus, Moses, Buda, God, or anyone of the other gods/prophets would anyone here be calling for her to be killed?

AP: Calls in Sudan for execution of Briton

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NBC Green? Not really…

This morning when I turned on the TV they were talking about the big tree in Rockefeller Center and as I gazed upon the huge Christmas tree I wondered…what do the Nobel Prize winners (Algore and the IPCC) think about NBC cutting down a huge tree that was scrubbing evil CO2 from the atmosphere?

Then I read this post by Caledonia Unplugged: NBC's "green" agenda continues to be a joke!

You just have to love it when we all think alike!!!!

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Retired General in Hot Water…or is Hillary?

Many of us didn’t watch the debates last night but we have all heard the news: 'Gay question' general linked to Clinton

I find it amazing that CNN couldn’t do a simple job to ensure that this guy was not from a Democrat campaign.

I think the question he asked has some merit and should be discussed at a debate but to have the question sullied by having a democrat operative ask it is just outrageous.

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Name that Country

I must have picked one heck of a hard country this time…the country was Taiwan, you know the country…"little one" off the coast of China.

If you thought last week’s country was hard then you haven’t seen anything yet…
10 out of 10.

Good luck!!

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He will be missed.

Today is a sad day for Republicans…Former Ill. Rep. Henry Hyde has passed at the age of 83. The man was kind and a political animal. We will all miss him.

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State Fails AGAIN!!!

Is it any wonder how we became one of the highest taxed states in the Union? When we can’t figure out how to put together a simple Voter Registration System…mind you one that has now cost us over $24 million!!!

Here are the highlights of the Legislative Audit Bureau’s findings…but I would encourage you to read the full report. There is a lot more here than meets the eye!!

The media and some politicians wonder why we don’t trust government…this is one of the reasons!

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Tired of it!!

Every year we hear it and every year it drives me nuts!!

“This year retailers are predicting a bad Holiday shopping season!” Every news station runs this story and every one does some sort of crappy analysis that shows just how bad things are going to be. But the kicker is they are wrong most every time and never correct the story

I am sick and tired of the lies that the media would like us to all buy into and try to turn this into some sort of political statement on how things would be better if Bush wasn’t in office!

Well here are some interesting numbers for them to swallow. The chart below is from and was complied from the National Retail Federation…I’d say that things are pretty good!

Do you think that they have a motive for down playing the retail numbers again this year?

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Name that Country

No one got this yet so: I'm willing to bet that your have suff made here.

Well still unreal still has it…the country was Norway

This week’s has a unique shape but I’m not sure it is that obvious a country so I rate it an 8 out of 10.

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How time flies!!!

I realized that I have not posted a thing since just before Thanksgiving!!! WOW!!!

Sorry about that…I didn’t post a country for the week but then again no one got last week’s so I’ll bump that up to the top again.

I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day! I know I did…I got to see my wife complete a 10k and get a new Personal Record!!!

There are a lot of things going on so I’ll try to post more later!!

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UN ‘Scientists’

I have liberal friends that look at me regularly and ask ‘how can you not believe global warming is real?’

I always smile and say ‘global warming is real…in the last 30 years the average ‘global temperature’* has risen by about 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit but you can not prove to me that man is to blame.’

Their retort is always out of some sort of script...’well ‘scientific consensus’ says that it is caused by man!’ They say this like science and consensus are like the holy grail in all of science and to claim otherwise would be heresy!

I’ve tried time and again to show them the path to science and I’ve even tried to show them the simple hypocrisy that is ‘scientific consensus’ to little avail.

Well now it is time to trot out the big guns…the ones that point to the UN and their group of “scientists” as being nothing more than political pawns in a game to try to:

1. Extort money out of rich nations, like the US
2. and to cause mass scares around the globe to force countries to bend to the UN

RealClearPolitics: The United Nations is Always Right

Daily Mail: The Aids epidemic has been massively overstated, UN experts admit UN Slashes Global Aids Estimates

While the above articles do not have a single thing to do with global warming it has everything to do with the fact that the UN and their ‘scientists’ are not there to debate real issues but to push an agenda.

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More guns might be the answer!

I know this might be a strange concept to those of us here in Wisconsin but 48 other states have some form of conceal carry laws that allow law abiding citizens the right to carry their firearm, concealed, in public.

There is a growing number of college students and faculty that are now asking that this right be extended onto the campus.

Imagine if you would the implications of students and faculty that could defend themselves against criminals that would like nothing better than to kill as many students as possible before taking their own life.

The facts remain, the only people that currently prowl college campuses with guns are those out to do harm. Doesn’t it make sense that we would allow our law abiding children the right to defend themselves? Criminals don’t stop at the edge of our campuses and put down their guns because it’s against the law…only our innocent students do that.

Take a moment and read this article and then peruse the student’s website. How much longer do we have to wait until logic reigns supreme?

Student group wants more guns on campus

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Free Speech vs. Over Reaction

Tom McMahon is known for his irreverent humor and in the case of the ‘bumper sticker seen in Madison’ he was, of course, trying to provoke a bit of thought…personally I thought it was quite good.

His posting has made its way around the blogs and when it hit Charlie Sykes’s blog all hell broke loose.

The Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee took offence to the bumper sticker and Charlie’s posting of it on his blog. They wrote a letter asking for its removal from the WTMJ website, even while saying “Though we support your right to say and post on websites whatever you like, even when offensive to some, we reserve the right to point out things we find offensive and to call upon our local media to act in a more responsible manner.”

So I guess that means as long as you don’t offend them it is okay.

Charlie Sykes posted his reply to the Interfaith group’s letter and their letter on his blog this morning: DRAWING THE LINE

Well said Charlie!!!

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Clinton vs. Obama

It is the show down that most have been waiting for: the novice versus the old horse (not meant to be offensive but if the shoe fits…) Clinton vs. Obama.

It looks like it is in full throttle…see the AP story here: Clinton mocks Obama on foreign policy

From the story:

"Voters will have to judge if living in a foreign country at the age of 10 prepares one to face the big, complex international challenges the next president will face," Clinton said

So what does Hillary think she has done to prepare her for the “complex international challenges?” Being the wife of a President gives her the experience needed to be president? I don’t think so.

"I think we need a president with more experience than that, someone the rest of the world knows, looks up to and has confidence in."

And who would that be? You Hillary? Who in their right mind has confidence in a woman that accuses a “vast right wing conspiracy” for her husband’s inability to keep his dick in his pants? The only reason the rest of the world knows you is they realize that Mrs. Clinton is as big a lefty as Mr. Clinton was!

But Mr. Obama isn’t much better:

Obama's retort: "I was wondering which world leader told her that we needed to invade Iraq."

So can we expect that if Mr. Obama becomes President he will confer with other world leaders (including the enemy) before doing what is necessary to protect our nation’s security?

I have told my friends that Obama will be the VP nominee but will not get the Democrat nod for president.

Clinton will NOT, repeat will not, get the nod either…my thought is Richardson would be their best bet to win but Dems don’t think strategically they think emotionally so my best guess is it will be Edwards.

The downfall of the Democrat’s will be fun to watch…I’ll keep you posted!

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Ho, ho, ho = NO, NO, NO?!?!

My wife point out this story to me last night and I thought that it had to be a fake but in doing a little research I found out it is true!!!

AFP: Santas warned 'ho ho ho' offensive to women

What kind of world do we live in where there are people that would actually try to claim Santa’s catch phrase is offensive?!? If there is a woman out there that takes offense to someone saying ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’ then they must not have a very good self image!!!

The thing that shocked me the most is where this is taking place…Australia. Australia is not very PC…I could see this being an issue here but not there!

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My new Hero

I have criticized the building of KRM since METRA finished their study and said that the population density was not enough to sustain the line.

I have openly argued that the numbers that are shared by the Transit Now group are “pie in the sky” numbers with no basis in reality.

I have made it crystal clear that the economic development in areas such as Durand and 31, Mayfair, and Bayshore were done with out a single train ever coming into these areas.

But I have never heard the argument against KRM put as elegantly as Mr. Poplawski did in Sunday’s Journal Times Letters to the Editor:

Leave my money alone

The railroad?

Let me see if I understand the KRM proposal correctly.

Some elected officials are in favor of taxing us for a railroad to serve three groups of people:
  1. Those who don’t want to live here.
  2. Those who don’t want to work here.
  3. Those who aren’t here yet.

I do know that I’m already paying a “petax” so millionaires can play baseball in Milwaukee. I know I won’t be voting for anyone in favor of increasing taxes.

It’s time those in office read our lips: “No new taxes.” I pay my own way to and from work.

Jim Poplawski

Mr. Poplawski I will be using your #1 and #2 regularly…I think that is amazing. Thank you!

So the next time some one tells you how great KRM is ask them if they really want to be paying the transportation cost for “those that don’t want to live here and those that don’t want to work here?”

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Remember her?

Do you remember this woman?

Well it looks like the great people of Georgia would like to forget her too!!! Fox News Story.

Rep. Mike Jacobs is supporting a resolution in the Georgia State House to have the 20 mile stretch of I-285 that currently bears the name the Cynthia McKinney Parkway stripped of that name and replaced with the old name, Memorial Drive.

Cynthia, after loosing her Congressional seat (again) in a Democrat primary in 2006, moved across country to California and is being courted by the local Green Party as a potential Presidential Candidate! Only in California can a nut job like Cynthia be courted!

Personally I hope that this resolution passes and Georgians can move forward knowing that the legacy of McKinney is gone. While I find it amazing that they would have re-elected her in 2004 they did the right thing in ousting her once again in 2006.

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Taxes and the Left

For those of you that think that the wealthiest 1% doesn’t pay their “fair share” then you are not looking at the IRS data!!!

Read the most recent Tax Foundation Newsletter and they show just how far off the Left is on taxes.

Take for instance the following facts about taxes:

  • The top 1% of wage earners pay 39% of all Federal Income Taxes while the bottom 90% pay only 29.7%.
  • If your household income topped $145,300 in 2005 you were in the top 5% of all wage earners in the US.
  • When Clinton won the Presidency in 1992 the Average Tax Rate for the bottom 50% of AGI wage earners was 4.39%. When Clinton Left office in 2000 the average rate was 4.60%. This is a 4.8% average tax increase on the poorest in the country.
  • When Bush won in 2000 the Average Tax Rate was 4.60%. The Average Tax Rate of the bottom 50% of AGI wage earners in 2005 was 2.98%. This is a 35.2% average tax decease on the poorest in the country.
  • Clinton (92-2000): 1.49% decrease to the middle class (AGI wage earners in the 26-50% range) average tax rate
  • Bush (2000-05): 25.3% decrease to the middle class (AGI wage earners in the 26-50% range) average tax rate

More data here.

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I’m Baaack!!!

Well ladies and gentlemen, I’m back from ‘down under’ and I have to say, once again, we (America and Americans) are loved.

I found it amazing that even though elections are compulsory in Australia the people there knew more about American politics than their own!!

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Name that Country

Well folks it is Thursday here in Australia and I’m going to be boarding a plane in a few hours and will not be able to post this week country so I decided to do it now.

Last week was almost too easy…it was, of course, Iraq. Great job everyone!!

This week I think is really easy to just because of the shape. Good Luck!

2 out of 10.

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Finally a Republican with BALLS!!!

Arizona Republican John Shadegg convinced fellow members of the Republican Party to support Democrat Dennis Kucinch’s resolution to impeach VP Cheney.

This move would force Democrats to debate the impeachment resolution thereby forcing Democrats to take a side.

This will make most Democrats either look nuts (like Kucinch) or like hypocrites for supporting Cheney…either way Democrats look bad!!!

See article here: The Hill - Republicans keep Cheney impeachment bill alive

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Santa too Fat??!?!!

In an article posted on the This is London Entertainment Guide was this little piece asking Santa, the Jolly ole’ man himself, to loose weight! (H/T Drudgereport)

Santa told to slim down for Christmas to 'set a good example'

I’m not sure if this is good or bad but I did enjoy this picture!?!

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This one made me laugh!! Just think...the election is a year away and people are already getting sick of it!!!

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Name that Country

Well I know it is only 12:30 AM on Thursday back home but here (Australia) it has been Thursday for 16 ½ hours already so I’m ready to post this week’s country.

Wow! Last week’s was obviously very hard…I had expected still unreal to be all over this one but I guess I was wrong!! The country last week was Azerbaijan located on the shores of the Caspian Sea.

This week the only way you will not be able to name the country is if you have been living under a rock for years.

2 out of 10

That was more hints than I normally give but I was feeling generous on such an easy country…Stay tuned next week when the country should be just as easy!

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