WOW! That was fast!

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1st Presidential Debate – my perspective

I’d give the edge to Obama (50.1 – 49.9)…mainly due to style.

Obama seemed to be a little out of his element when talking budget. He seemed to want us to buy the notion that we can cut spending by not cutting a single program…I guess I’m still confused.

Both presented their points like Presidents…Obama was willing to say over and over “when I’m President” McCain did not do so. But Obama while seemed presidential did not seem to have any depth of the information.

I think that Obama got a schooling when it came to how government works…he seems to not understand the intricacy of the office of the President and McCain did a good job of pointing that out time and again.

Obama was willing to use the format of talking toward McCain and McCain did not meet his gaze once…McCain talked to the audience and the moderator and did not talk to Obama…I think that was a mistake the format offered it and since McCain was schooling him on the operation of the government it would have scored higher marks if those jabs would have been directed toward Obama not about him.

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You know I’m down here in Australia and you’d think I would be happy…springtime, sunny, warm weather, nice people, no political ads on TV…Well I’m here to tell you I’m going nuts!!!

“Hi, my name is Bill and I’m a political junkie.”

I do not have internet at the apartment I’m staying at…except when I can’t take it any more and spend $5/hour for access…so I’m relegated to checking while I’m at work. Well that ain’t happening nearly enough since I have so much work to get done and a limited amount of time.

What this means is with the exception of knowing what is going on at the Racine County HQ…I have no idea what is going on with the campaigns as a whole!!

Poll numbers…nope, haven’t seen any.
Talking heads (even Olbermann)…no idea what they are talking about.
Strategies…I can tell you that a grapple tackle will get you a 2 game suspension but that is it.

I think this weekend I’m going to sit indoors and get pasty white reading nothing but news from my google reader – I’ll be kissing a load of money away but I’ve got to find out!!!

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Name that Place

Well nos1 guessed the same place when we first started this game:

NOS1 said...
is it the Golden Rondelle? I can't tell if the top of that pic is round or
not! Maybe its my computer
Wed Jun 04, 03:13:00 PM
And last week:

NOS1 said...
Is it the goldan rondell! Is that the name? hmm
Thu Sep 18, 07:35:00 AM
My question is this…Do I give credit for getting this correct or do I dock him for thinking that this…

Equals this…

Just joking…it is the Golden Rondelle and for those that remember the other one was the Racine Lighthouse.

Name this Place:

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Blogging lite

As most of you may have noticed I will be able to blog as much as normal. This is in part due to the fact that I am currently overseas and with limited internet access.

So what does this mean?

Well what it means is a few things…the usual “name that place” will still be going on every Tuesday but it looks like I forgot to pack my country listings so “name that country” will be on hiatus until I’m back stateside.

I will try to blog while I’m here but I can not guarantee anything at this point in time.

If you are interested in where I’m located I have provided the following images from Google Earth.



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Name that Place

While I am not in Racine…Wisconsin…or even the USA….that does not mean that I can not post things on my blog right!??!

Well it is still Tuesday back home…for a few more minutes…and that means we need to Name that Place.

Last week’s was tough but nos1 was close enough with what the area is used for. This area is right next to the Mt Pleasant Compost area off of Hwy 20 and is home to the Racine R/C Club. It is a great place to watch people fly their remote controlled airplanes from time to time!

Name this Place:

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Name that Country

Last week was fun…two countries and J. Gravelle did a great job putting together new photo clues for those that we confused by the shape of the countries. The first one was Mozambique while the second one, and by far the best clue so far, was Nigeria!!

This week is only 4 out of 10.

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Name that Place

Last week had a clue if you had really good eye sight and could see the RWU in front of the pool. It was the Racine Water Utility…right in front of the Racine Yacht Club and South of North Beach.

This week is by far the hardest one that I have found so good luck!!

Name this Place:

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Don’t tell me the base isn’t energized!!

Reuters: John McCain speech draws record TV ratings

Yeah the Dems thought that the show was over when “The Obama” hit a whopping 38.3 million viewers…then along comes our VP candidate and she gets 37.2 million…next night McCain with 38.9 million...a new record!!

Yep the base is here and we are ready.

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Name that Country

I know that I forgot to get last week’s country up…in fact I forgot to blog for a week! I think I’m going to be dizzy!!

Well I’m back and I’m ready to go…Last week our friend over at the posted on my wordpress blog instead of blogger (yes I’m considering the move and will probably make the jump by years end so pay attention!!)

His guess was “How’s it hanging?”

The country was Chad.

This week you are getting 2 for the price of 1.

I would rate both 8 out of 10.

Good luck.

Country #1

Country #2

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I swiped this whole post from The Volokh Conspiracy h/t David Bernstein:

If I were supporting Obama....

here are three things I'd keep quiet about with regard to Sarah Palin.

(1) How can she do her job as vice-president and take care of her kids? Which leads to the question, how can Obama do the much more demanding job of president and take care of his kids?

(2) What makes anyone think that Palin has enough experience to be "one heartbeat from the presidency?" Which leads to the question, what makes anyone think that a one-term Senator from Illinois who has been running for president for most of his term has enough experience to actually be president?

(3) Is Sarah Palin's church/pastor nutty? Which leads to such an obvious question that I won't bother raising it!

In short, it strikes me that Obama's allies may be succeeding at discrediting Palin to some extent, but only at the expense of undermining Obama. Even if raising such questions undermines Palin more than it does Obama, even much more, given how many people vote based on the top of the ticket versus based on the bottom, this is hardly a winning strategy.”

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Name that Place…a day late…

Last week CU guessed that the place was Mound Cemetery…and of course she is correct! She pointed out that it is a beautiful place to bike…I much prefer to run through this one and look at all the ‘famous’ Racine names buried here…watch the Saturday Morning Running Club site for the next “Cemetery Run” and come join us!!

Name this Place:

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Boy, oh, boy!

My wife noticed that I never posted a country last week…I’ll post 2 this week…

Then she pointed out that I had not posted on the blog for more than a week…

I have been so busy I just have not had time to do any of this…

My bad!!!

I’ll be headed overseas for work in 2 weeks so I had better get posting!!

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Republican Party of Racine to Open HQ

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