Mysterious post…Flashinski for 63rd Assembly…Vanishes!!

As many of you know I do slum it a bit on the lefty blogs but what I found interesting is a post that popped up yesterday on Blue Racine…but is missing today.

The post stated the Linda Flashinski, former Administrator of the Board of Education Communication Committee for RUSD (you may remember from RDW post in 2006 where she attacked Senator Stepp) and current Public Relations Officer for the Racine Democrat Party, had announced that she would be running against Assemblyman Robin Vos this fall.

I contacted Mrs. Flashinski for a comment and her response was that she “is exploring the possibility,” and that we will be notified “via a media release” if she decides to run.

To me she seemed that her mind was not made up yet…even asking me “do you think I should run?” Since she never asked what blog I post on I decided not to answer her directly…but lets be honest here…Linda attacked the call for an audit of RUSD and once the audit took place look what we found. Assemblyman Vos is a good guy that is looking out for the taxpayers. In my opinion shows over Robin Vos is the winner.

Ultimately, either Blue Racine was a little too quick to pull the trigger on the information or it was their way of kicking Mrs. Flashinski in the ass and telling her to run, either way it makes an interesting story.

Go Robin!!

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From “good trip” to “bad trip” to “final trip”

Good bye Herr Hofmann.

While you achieved more in your 102 years on Earth you will always be remembered as the finder of:

I hope your “final trip” is much better than all your others.

Rest in peace.

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Polar Bears – Global warming non-sense

We have all seen the image from An Inconvenient Lie Truth with the polar bears stranded on the ice berg and Algore stating that they are dieing at an alarming rate. We’ve all seen the real photo that shows land (or an ice flow) which is right nearby and these bears in no danger at all. But what really galls me is that these people are trying to use these bears to push the Global Warming agenda!!

In 2005 the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) petitioned to have the polar bear listed as a threatened animal due to “global warming” and under pressure by this and other groups the Alaskan Fish and Wildlife Service proposed in 2006 to have the bear listed due to “loss of their primary habitat.” Now a federal judge has ordered that the Interior Department to decide if the bears are truly threatened. (news article)

The CBD has stated “The science is perfectly clear. There's no dispute. The polar bear is an endangered species”

Yet the numbers don’t add up!! Here is the estimated population of the polar bears and to be clear the population is the highest in nearly 20 years!!!

Here is the report that these numbers came from. (More here too!)

If the melting ice cap is that bad for these bears how come their population has not significantly decreased as the cap has melted?

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Conceal Carry in Action

When criminals have guns people can and many times do get hurt but when in the hands of law abiding citizens like Marino Hernandez and Roberto Espinal the criminals come to justice.

Here is the article from the Palm Beach Post: West Palm Beach grocery store shootout lands man in jail

Both the managers never fired their weapon while the criminal did. The criminal was surrounded and held until police arrived.

Chalk one more up for the good guys!

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The title of this article is okay but it is the story that has the kicker!

Immigrants' May Day rally to protest jail practice

4/29/2008 6:54 am

The Immigrant Workers Union will hold a march and rally on Thursday to protest Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney's practice of notifying federal officials of jailed inmates' immigration status.

The May Day rally will also show support to improve living and working conditions for millions of undocumented immigrant families across the country.

The march will start at Brittingham Park on West Washington Avenue at 11:30 a.m., ending in a rally on the steps of the City-County Building on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in downtown Madison.

Student organizations at UW-Madison will hold a speak-out rally on Library Mall on campus at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, with participants asked to join in the Workers Union march and rally after the student rally.

My recommendation is that the sheriff and his deputies pick up anyone one any violation during this rally (littering, jaywalking, etc) and check their legal status!!

I believe that immigration is the best thing about this country but illegals are just violating the law!!

How can they protest living and working conditions of people that have no legal rights here in this country?!?!

Why do they deserve to be treated fairly when they are violating the law but asking that the law be enforced on others?!??!!

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How are you going to spend it?

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Happy Tax Freedom Day Wisconsin!

You have spent the last 4 months working for the government but today you are earning money for yourself and your family since today is Tax Freedom Day in Wisconsin.

Have a great day!

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YEAH! He’s got it right…uh, no, never mind.

This made national news last year and this year Towne Market Mobil is looking to do the same thing.

But the reality is this “protest” is nothing more than a “look at me moment.” They want their 15 minutes of fame and want to look like they are doing something when in reality there is no impact…none…zero…nada!

The economist in the article has it right, “If a lot of people reduced their consumption of gas permanently, that would have an effect.” Barring this there really is no way to force fuel prices down in this fashion.

I know that the media and the lefties out there will point to the $11 billion profit of Exxon and but they ignore that the demand for the product has more to do with the price of gas than the profit margin of Exxon which is only around 10%...Microsoft’s profit margin is around 30% but I don’t hear anyone protesting that.

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Name that Country

With me being gone for 4 weeks I thought that it would be fitting to have the Country for the week be the same as the State I was in all that time…yep that is right the Country last week which still unreal got right…was on no ones mind…was Georgia!!!

This week is much easier…2 out of 10

Good Luck

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Today's Funnies

I usually have the utmost respect for a person that has been President...I'm wondering if Jimmy forgot to take his meds for the last 3 decades????
2008 Democratic Primary race...keeps going!!!

Always assume that people are watching and listening to you...especially if you are running for the Presidency!!

Is the lovefest over yet?

Do you think that Dean will be keeping his job after this election cycle? I almost feel bad for him...okay not really, I'm getting a kick out of the whole deal!!!

Assuming that the 0.8 degree increase over the past 3 decades (30 years for you lefties out there) is is more of a slow burn than an urgent disaster.

...but they buy their way out of the hypocracy...right Mr. Gore? Just buy 'carbon off-sets' and your worries about your carbon foot print go away...and get passed on to those that can't afford know those like us in "flyover country."

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Wait!! Life expectancy up 3 years but we need to rethink Healthcare?

I read this article today from Reuters: Life expectancy falls in poorer U.S. counties: study

In it they show that the average life expectancy in the US has climbed from 75.8 years in 1995 to 78 years in 2005. I personally think that this is good news but the liberal pundits do not.

They see this as a gap between the “rich and the poor” and blame the US healthcare system. While all the same time pointing to the fact that those in the lower segment of the life expectancy scale fall into the less educated, more likely to smoke, and mostly overweight group of people.

So the question is why in the world would they try to blame the healthcare system when it is obvious that the damage is being done by the individual?

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My prediction

Today’s PA Democrat Primary Prediction:

Not surprising...Hillary wins with a 6 point margin.

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Name that Country

Wow! It has been 2 weeks since I posted a new country…The last country I posted was Jordan.

This week’s country is harder than I originally imagined. 8 out of 10

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PETA vs. Algore!

Yes I did actually go to the PETA website and found this press release.

Here is their claim:

“The key to stemming the tide of climate change is to make personal changes that will help reduce global warming. So it's a bit of a mystery why Gore continues to eat animals and ignores the overwhelming evidence that eating meat is the number one cause of global warming.”

“The following are a few inconvenient truths that the former V.P. ignores:

  • A major United Nations study determined that the meat industry generates 40 percent more greenhouse-gas emissions than all the cars, trucks, SUVs, ships, and planes in the world combined.

  • Researchers at the University of Chicago concluded that going vegan is 50 percent more effective in combating the climate crisis than switching to a hybrid car.

  • The official handbook of the Live Earth concerts that Gore helped organize acknowledges that not eating meat is "the single most effective thing" you can do to reduce your climate change impact (emphasis in original).”
So have a good laugh as the left beats up on one of their own!!

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Tax day!

Seeing how today is Tax Day I thought it might be helpful to point out just how much we pay in taxes.

Thanks to the Tax Foundation and their tireless support of those of us that pay taxes they have determined that this year’s “Tax Freedom Day” for the country is April 23rd, while for Wisconsin it is April 24th.

Here is what I found the most interesting:

We pay more to Taxes than to Health & Medical Care and Housing & Household Operations (113 days vs. 110 days)!!

We pay more in Taxes than to Clothing, Transportation, Food, and Recreation combined (113 days vs. 98 days)!!!

So the next time the Democrats talk about helping with Health and Medical Care, demand that they cut your taxes not raise them by instituting Universal Health Care reforms!!!

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Lame duck turns sell out?

In a Washington Times article today (Bush prepares global warming initiative) it looks like the President will be asking for legislation that would address global warming.

The science is still on our side not on Algore’s so why would President Bush make any moves to encourage legislation that has no basis in scientific facts? I’m beginning to believe that this is an attempt by the Bush administration to show that McCain is not as far to the left in the GOP as he appears to be.

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I’m Baaack!!

Good Morning Blog-o-sphere!!

I have been away working long hours in Georgia the last few weeks and have not had time or much of anything.

But I’m back in town and slowly catching up on things that have been happening so I should be ready to start blogging again.

I hope you all missed me!

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Back in Wisconsin…

Back in Wisconsin it is Election Day!!

Did you get out and vote?

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