Congratulations to Rick Graber!

It looks like Rick will become our new Ambassador to the Czech Republic!

White House Press Release

Journal Sentinel

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Where is the hate?

Here I sit in the heart of the UK. I’m not in the major metropolitan area, which just like the US is filled with the left leaning bleeding hearts, but in a manufacturing community which has the hard working people of the UK. I’ve talked with many of them and from time to time the topic of world affairs comes up and lo and behold there is no hate. There isn’t even any regret at helping us in the war on terror. There is simple respect for what we are…an ally.

The colleagues that I am working with are Italians we have talked about America many times and they look to America as an opportunity not the enemy. They see our country as my friend here put it “a place were one can dream.” These are men that have traveled most of Europe and they see America for what it truly is the land where people can go where they want and be what they want.

They have asked about how Americans view the war with Iraq…they hear that we all hate the war but we as a country refuse to get out. When I explained how the media is twisting the opinions of “most of America” they laugh and say that our media is just as bad as theirs. They thought our media was not biased…then it was my turn to laugh.

The hate that people hear of from other countries is the same hate that we hear about within our country…it is a small minority of people that do not like America and would hate us no matter what we were doing.

I am glad to call myself an American not only at home but abroad.

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Gas prices

I know that the price at the pump has been steadily rising since I left home but the prices here in the UK are rising as well.

I recently heard that gas back home is going for $3.25 - $3.30 but if you think that is bad gas here is going for about $1.84 per liter or about $7.00 per gallon!!!

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We are not a true democracy!

Well once again Wisconsin can hang its heads down in shame. From what I have heard it looks like the city of Racine will have a referendum this fall on the Iraqi War!

Some unpatriotic people out there have it in their head that ‘we’ have a right to decide the moves of not only the government but of the military too. That the people can choose when it is time to change course in a war not those in charge. They believe that fighting for freedom should not come at a cost. They believe that they are more intelligent than those that would see evil-doers put to death…they would rather us get involved in civil wars.


If we were a true democracy:

  • The US would never have gotten involved in: WW I, WW II, Spanish-American War, Mexican-American War, Korea, Viet Nam, Gulf War, Grenada, Bosnia etc.

  • We would not have most of the social welfare programs that exist.

  • Roe v. Wade would not exist and abortion would still be illegal in most states.

  • We would not be part of the UN.

  • Clinton would have never been elected president…twice. (Remember he is the only President in history to be elected and reelected and not get 50% of the vote!)

  • Bush would have lost in 2000.

  • The Middle East would right now be a sheet of glass.

If they really think we are in the wrong maybe they should elect officials that have their point of view and not bother the rest of us with trivial matters that do nothing but strengthen the resolve of the enemy.

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Did you know, that .. (Part 2)

I do not know how accurate this information is but I thought it was pretty good!

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Okay…what are these people smoking.

In a recent article about our dearest friend Cindy Sheehan the leader of a fringe group called Global Exchange was quoted as saying "We have done everything we could think of to end this war, we have protested, held marches, vigils ... lobbied, written letters to Congress, now it is time to bring the pain and suffering of war home. We are putting our bodies on the line for peace."

They are bravely going on a hunger strike!!

But that is not the best part of the story…as many as 2700 activists, including a number of Hollywood types, are going to participate in a “rolling fast” in which each person pledges to go with out food for 24 hours and then passes on the fast to the next person.


That is just asinine!! I have a much better idea. How about all of these people who Sheehan has said have “withdraw their support from this government" just simple go and hold their breath? Not a “rolling breath-holding” campaign but one in which they hold it at the same time.

They can then claim to be holding their breath to bring home the troops and to prevent the release of the deadly greenhouse gas Gore is constantly warning us about!

As an added perk the rest of America won’t have to hear from these crackpots for a while!!

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While I’m working today here in Great Britain I’ll be thinking of all of you back home marching in parades, having picnics, and watching fireworks.

Remember all those that have served or that are now serving our country and be very proud to be American.


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According to the JPL the asteroid, 2004 XP14, is about a quarter mile wide and traveling at about 38,859 mph and missed the Earth today by about 262,000 miles (the moon is only 238,000 miles away!)

I guess we live to fight another day!!!

Just think this picture is from a asteroid that was only about 80 feet in diameter…image what a rock a ¼ mile wide could do…hmmmmmmmm.

Source: Yahoo News Article
Near Earth Object Program

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The debate that Gore sees as over…lingers on!

I guess the real question is who you believe: the media, politicians (Gore in particular), “scientists” that say things like “it must be global warming because I can't think of anything else,” or well thought out logic based on scientific data?

Here is one more article to keep the debate alive. Link to

Thank you Mr. Lindzen.

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