Interesting thought process...

I personally thought that Hillary might leave the administration next year and begin a run for the White House herself.  But this is an interesting perspective:
Why Hillary Will Be On Obama's Ticket In 2012
By Liz Peek
Published June 09, 2010 |
While the country digests yesterday’s primaries, the White House political machine is undoubtedly working overtime on a more distant challenge – how to get President Obama reelected in 2012. 
Here’s a prediction: the Obama administration will bounce Joe Biden off the 2012 ticket, and invite Hillary Clinton to run in his stead. 
The move will aim to bolster Obama’s standing and provide some excitement among core Democrats – something that Biden fails to provide. Hillary will agree, because just four years later she will be superbly positioned to run for president – ever the rainbow on her personal horizon. 
At present, her polls are high, with 58% of voters viewing her at least somewhat favorably. 
Wistful Dems who wonder these days what could have been will tout her hard work and pragmatic diplomacy as she chases one impossible Obama pipe dream after another to all corners of the globe.

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