Zepnick is right!!

In a press release by democrat legislator Josh Zepnick regarding the sentencing of a drunk driver to 30 months in prison, he states “Racine County Circuit Judge Stephen Simanek should be ashamed of himself, people should demand that Simanek publically explain his decision and hold him accountable.”
I would have to agree especially when you consider what Zepnick adds: “What is frightening is the total disrespect for justice that Simanek handed down yesterday.  Just recently, Judge Simanek issued a 3 year sentence for Racine Mayor Gary Becker.  While Becker’s actions are sick and destructive, Becker never killed anyone, yet he gets a longer sentence than someone who flew down the highway at 50mph and never stopped after killing a bicyclist!”
That is a great question…why would Becker get a stiffer (no pun intended) sentence than someone the was drunk, killed someone and fled a scene?
Something is truly wrong with the whole picture.

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