Redefining Insurance

Politicians like Obama and Hilary are bantering about the “45 million uninsured” in America and they are misleading the American people down a road that will mean more government intervention.

Do you have a health plan or health insurance?

Do you know the difference?

Do you pay for your annual checkups or do you just pay the co-pay and “insurance” takes care of the rest?

Do you have auto insurance?

Does it pay for your oil change, fix your flat tire, or fill up your empty gas tank?

Health insurance is no longer what most Americans have we have health plans and that is why rates are going through the roof.

If you had the ability to purchase an auto plan which had an annual co-pay but paid for all of your maintenance and upkeep like oil changes, washer fluid, new tires, etc and included major issues such as accidents what would that be worth to you?

In an auto plan people would start to have their oil changed regularly. People would be sure to have their brakes and tires checked. All of this maintenance would begin to add up. The “insurer” would have to start charging more for two reasons: 1. just to cover the costs of all the maintenance and to have enough in case of a catastrophic accident. 2. so that the business could continue to make a profit.

Do we really want the government to take over our heath plans? Do you really think that they know how to run a business better than business owners? Will health care be simpler or will you have more red tape to deal with? For those black helicopter types out there…do you really want the government to have complete access to your medical records?

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